Chula 16th Urban Research Plaza’s Forum – March 2018


About the Urban Research Plaza Bangkok 

URP is an academic collaboration and exchange program between Osaka City University, Japan and Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Thailand that focuses on topics related to urban culture in the areas of artistic expression, management, cultural preservation, documentation, and education.

When the Urban Research Plaza (URP) was founded in 2001 it was originally named The Urban Culture Research Center (UCRC) and later changed to its current name in 2006. URP is under the co-directorship of Dr. Shin Nakagawa, Japan and Dr. Bussakorn Binson, Thailand.

The annual URP Forum which began in 2001, has been supported since 2012 by Chulalongkorn University’s Center of Excellence for Thai Music and Culture – CETMC. It creates a sharing space for scholars, researchers, graduate students, artists involved in visual art, design, music, the creative arts, performance studies, dance, cultural studies, ethnomusicology, and related disciplines such as creative arts therapies and urban planning seeking cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural practices aimed at fostering the sustainable development of vibrant, livable cities and the promotion of cultural continuity. Presentations tied to either the academic or wide vernacular interpretation of urban culture and the arts as a tool promoting community and individual well-being, health, and diversity are welcome.

The Urban Research Plaza (URP) is jointly administered by the Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences of Osaka City University, Osaka and the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, and has established academic exchange agreements with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing, Huadong Shifan University of Shanghai, the University of London, England, the University of Hamburg, Germany, Gadjah Mada University and the Institut Seni Indonesia in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Education for Creative and Responsive Citizenship 

The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok and Osaka City University, Japan invite contributions of papers, visual presentations, and workshops for its international forum.

The forum aim to encourage researchers, artists, and those involved in urban planning to seek cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural practices aimed at fostering the sustainable development of vibrant, livable cities and the promotion of cultural continuity. Presentations spanning the wide and diverse field of urban culture and the arts as a tool to promote community and individual well-being, health, and diversity are welcome. The below list is offered as evocative guidelines rather than implying requirements.


  1. Promoting Responsible Life Styles – Creative Citizenship Education for Ecological Stewardship and Economic Sustainability

  2. Creative Responses to Citizenship Education for Migrants and Refugees


  1. Promoting Global Citizenship through the Performing Arts

  2. The Vibrant Community – What is the Place of Arts Education in Fostering Responsive Social Interaction?

  3. Celebrating Urban Diversity – The Art Festival Promoting Intercultural Competence

  4. The Divided City – Arts Education Building Bridges

  5. Citizenship Education and Engaged Arts – The (Mexican) Muralist Movement

  6. The Role of Traditional and Contemporary Theater in Promoting Cultural and Social Values

  7. Building National and Regional Identities Through Theater – The Ramayana in ASEAN Visual & Performing Arts

  8. Perspectives on Puppetry (and Asian Shadow Theater) for Cross-Cultural Participation, Education, Sharing, and Community Building

  9. The Role of Music (or the Musical á la West Side Story) in Promoting Urban Intercultural Living

  10. Visual Arts – Graphic Design and Photography’s Role in Cultural Support (Enculturation), Transculturation, Dissemination, and Assimilation

  11. The Role of Arts & Creative Therapies Supporting Healthy Communities & Personal Well-being

Urban Planning

  1. UN Habitat – New Designs for Intercultural Communication and Learning

  2. Art for All – Designing Cultural and Social Spaces for All Citizens


  1. The Art of Growing Up – Education for Emotional Intelligence/Growth, Responsibility, and Rehabilitation


  1. Gaming – Second Life – Video Games as Laboratories for Urban Living

  2. TV – Sesame Street – Influencing Children for Positive Social and Urban Change

  3. Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Line, etc. – A New Culture? Online Culture vs. Offline Culture; Social Media’s Role in Traditional Cultural Transmission and Cross-Cultural Transference


Arrival 5 March, Departure 9 March 2018.

Deadline of Registration & Abstract Submission December 10, 2017

Deadline of Full Paper Submission January 7, 2018 by 17.00 Bangkok/Jakarta Local Time.

* March 6, 2018:
09.00 Hours – 16.00 Hours: English Academic Writing and Presentation Training
* March 7 – 8, 2018:
09.00 Hours – 16.00 Hours: Academic Presentations

Language: English ONLY
Maximum Number of Words: Abstract – 300 words / Full Paper – 3,000 words /
Self Introduction – 150 words / Keywords – 6 words
– Please write down the article’s title, author’s full name, email address, and institution
on the top of every page.
– Please ensure to include references and bibliographies in the article.

Send email to with format Full Name_Article’s Title_Institution on email subject.

Conference Venue: Maha Chulalongkorn Building, Room 105 (Grid D – 1 building no. 64)

Important Notes:

– All undergraduate and post-graduate students are encouraged to participate. This forum is intended for university student who looking for expert guidance to write international standard article.

– Abstract & Full Paper Submisson fee is 5 USD (for non-Indonesian student) or IDR 50,000 for Indonesian student. Accomodation, air transport and other expenses will announce later by email/whatsapp only to successful candidates.

Question and further information:

email: | whatsapp/sms +62 858 112 64236